-- The company --

   KAMPANOTECHNIKI specialises in the manufacture of modern and harmonious-sounding church bells and their automation systems, as well as belfry and campanile clocks. It cooperates with representatives in Greece and abroad.

   For the past thirty years, the company has applied itself to modern technologies in the field of automation for church bells and clocks, providing on-site studies to identify optimal selection for each individual church. It manufactures and trades:

  • church bells of every size and musical tone in Russian mould;
  • state-of-the-art systems for automatic bell ringing;
  • church clocks of every size and shape;
  • promotional clocks for cities, enterprises, hospitals and organisations;
  • ecclesiastical wares (wood carvings, chandeliers and absorption candle holders);
  • traditional revolving bell systems, with an electric engine added (being one of the very few manufacturers of these).

All products carry written manufacturers guarantees for quality.